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ACTA Weekend Protests Draw Thousands

Protests against the anti counterfeiting trade agreement went ahead as planned over the weekend, with tens of thousands making their voices heard across Europe.

Across Germany some 25,000 people hit the streets while the largest single protest was held in the Bulgarian city of Sofia which saw 4,000 people protesting the controversial internet bill. Turnouts in British cities wasn't quite as impressive, but several hundred still made their presence felt in major cities like London, Nottingham and Manchester.

ACTA has drawn the ire of internet users for several reasons. On top of its problematic wording and potential to change the online world into a far more policed environment, many feel that since the bill has been worked on since 2007, that it has been sneaked past legislators and the public.

Fortunately for those that want this act blocked, the weekend protests did not go unnoticed. The President of the European Parliament said yesterday when speaking about ACTA: "I don't find it good in its current form." Hopefully others will also begin taking this tack.

However, there are still plenty of proponents for the controversial bill. The Guardian reports the European Council, which its own publication is a member of, is calling for rational debate and evidence based decisions. It also says that if ACTA failed to pass, it would make the European Union look weak in an environment when its ability to handle financial affairs is also being questioned.

Whether it makes it look weak or not however, citizens of the EU would rather that than lose online freedoms through ill-conceived and restrictive legislature.

The fight to block ACTA is still in full swing and there are many ways that you can contribute if you wish to.

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