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Apple Developing 3D Eye-tracking Interface for iPad, iPhone

Apple is working on some intriguing new technology with possible applications in gaming, photography and surveillance, to mention but a few, according to the well informed website when it comes to the company's latest innovations, PatentlyApple.

Apple has filed a patent relating to a 3D eye-tracking based interface with the US Patent & Trademark Office. Applications range from high-end security features, such as biometric and surveillance functions, to entertainment applications such as gaming, as well as photography and video recording tools that could be derived from this patent.

This new technology could enhance the experience for not only iPhone and iPad users but also possibly be integrated into Macs.

Many Apple fans have been waiting for a true 3D virtual world inside the display of their favourite tablet, and now they may achieve something close to this; especially if Apple puts to work some other patents such as its head-tracking and unique ambient light technologies, bringing Apple closer to a new 3D graphical user interface.

"To accomplish a more realistic virtual 3D depiction of the objects on the device's display, objects may be rendered on the display as if they were in a real 3D 'place' in the device's operating system environment," explains Patently Apple.

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