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Apple Lines up iPad 3 Apps for Stage Demonstration

While the whole tech world is eagerly awaiting the third-generation iPad, reportedly arriving in around three weeks, officials at Apple's Cupertino headquarters are apparently polishing up the final details for its unveiling.

Apple is "in crunch mode" ahead of the big event, and is working on the last touches for the demonstration, preparing the best iPad 3 apps available as well as TV commercials which highlight the most appealing iPad 3 features, TheNextWeb reports.

Sources with 'knowledge of the matter' are pointing out that Apple will favour apps that put the high resolution display in the best light , regardless if they are third party apps or Apple owned apps.

The "graphics-oriented applications with high-definition assets" are designed to make the highly anticipated 'Retina' Display look good on stage. Moreover, Apple's advertising partner TWBA/Chiat/Day reportedly has the TV commercials and the whole advertising campaign for the next generation tablet "in the final phase," as author Matthew Panzarino claims.

Meanwhile tech writers point out that iPad 3 will not only have a hugely improved display - maybe a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels (a recent report from an anonymous Apple employee describes the "truly amazing" screen), but also a new quad-core A6 processor, a larger battery and improved cameras.

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