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Liam Maxwell: "Open Source is the Future Model for Delivering IT"

It's time now to remove all the wrong conceptions prevailing among people about open source software, announced a UK authority.

The British government considers the open source platform as a guiding factor for the IT group of the government. According to Liam Maxwell, Cabinet Office director of ICT futures, it's time to remove all misnomer ideas and concepts about this open source technology. Maxwell says, "Open source software is not three guys in a shed anymore". According to his perception open source is a prototypical classical model which will support the IT system of the government reports The Guardian.

The UK government is planning to conduct a consultation period, to get research inputs on how open standards can be utilised in the government's G-Cloud initiative. G-Cloud is aimed at generating a framework on software and hardware services. The government intends to optimise costs and ensure more superior IT, through an open source platform. Maxwell emphasised the criticality of this G-Cloud consultation. "We are serious about this," Maxwell said.

The government is preparing the list of IT vendors who will be endowed with the G-Cloud certification. There has been a positive response from about 600 companies, who have shown their aspiration to attain the framework.

The main motto of the British government is to shift away from the "black-box" contracts given to big IT vendors. The new idea is to generate more agile systems provided by small and medium enterprises.