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Microsoft Redesigns Windows 8 Logo

Microsoft has had a play with the logo for Windows 8, changing it up to one that looks more like a real window than that crazy Windows 95 through Windows 7 wavy stuff.

Until now, Windows has always had a funky multi-coloured setup for its four distinct panels. Whether followed by black squares tapering off, or encased in a blue, gradiented bubble, it's been roughly the same for over 15 years. However Windows 8 is looking to change that with a return to basics.

According to the image released on Cnbeta, for the software giant's next generation operating system, we're looking at a much more toned down logo - far more professional looking, though far more drab too. It features just one colour, a dark blue and there's no more wavy-ness, just a window at an angle to the viewer.

While it could be argued that this is merely a mock-up by a fan or someone looking to get some extra page views, there's a second image of what looks like a tablet PC with the Windows 8 logo as a home button.

The potentially new logo does have a bit of a Windows 8 tablet look to it, with the next-generation operating system designed for touch screen devices, resembling the angled Window much more than previous iterations of the OS have.

Windows 8 is expected to be officially released later this year, with a beta landing sometime in the next month.