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Nintendo Buys Video Codec Firm Mobiclip

Nintendo has secured the future of video on its consoles by purchasing Mobiclip including its video codec technology.

This isn't the first time the two firms have had dealings however, with Mobi Clip initially producing video codex for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. However, with experience also in the mobile game including Windows Mobile and iOS means that if Nintendo wanted to, it could branch out into the smartphone game. Maybe.

Cubed3D is reporting (after a translation of Inside Games) that the deal between the two companies was made last year, with pen put to paper sometime in October. The transfer was made official this year however, when the Mobiclip website began listing itself as a subsidiary of the Japanese game maker.

Speculation has it that this move is designed to give Nintendo more options when it comes to its next generation Wii U console. Along with the other main console manufacturers, it is expected to be using the next-gen machine as more of an entertainment centre than just a gaming console. This will involve movie watching, as well as potentially TV recording and viewing, all through the one box.

The fact that Mobiclip's website currently offers a position for a console software engineer lends a little bit of credence to these rumours.

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