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Pinterest UK Visits Share Jumped By 68 Per Cent In January

Vision board-styled social photo sharing website Pinterest is gathering speed in the UK market, with the site increasing in market share in the Social Networking and Forums category by a staggering 68 per cent in January 2012 alone, according to Web analytics company Experian Hitwise.

The site, which has been likened to a visual version of Twitter, has reached nearly 12 million unique visitors in the US, reaching the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone website in history according to Techcrunch.

While Pinterest is still significantly smaller than other social networks in the UK, it still managed to rake in nearly 1.9 million visits in January, making it to the list of top 50 social networking websites in the country, at number 46.

Registering barely 50,000 visits in March 2011 the invitation-only site grew steadily last year, hitting half a million just three months later, and doubling-up to reach one million UK visits in October. Traffic went into overdrive in January, increasing a further 650,000 visits to approach the two million visit mark.

It will be interesting to see whether the site maintains the same momentum in February. One estimate would see the site experiencing 10x growth, rocketing into the top 10 by Christmas and catching up with professional network, LinkedIn.

Of course, Pinterest still has a long way to go, with Facebook registering nearly half of all UK social network traffic at almost 1.2 billion visits per month. YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Answers and Tumblr make up the rest of the top five.

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