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USC B440 Blades May Overheat, Burn Warns Cisco

Cisco has warned its UCS blade server customers that the UCS B440 model has the risk of overheating which might eventually cause fire. A Field Notice has been published on Cisco's official website stating that as a result of failure of a specific MOSFET power transistor present on blade server, components might overheat which may also result in emission of a short flash.

This might lead to breakdown of the circuit board and in some cases this can also interrupt power flow on all the other blades present in the same chassis. In another email, the company stated that since the time of Cisco UCS B440's launch in May 2010 two related incidents at the consumer sites have been recorded.

The same email also says that, "Cisco is proactively managing this situation in our normal way and with the best interests of our customers in mind. We have proactively contacted all affected customers and are discussing available options with them", reported CRN.

Cisco also confirmed that this particular issue exists only in the B440 blade servers and that other UCS solutions are absolutely free from any such trouble.

According to the Field Notice, to tackle this problem the company has introduced a hardware replacement program for the affected Blade Server. Thus, the company is all set provide an alternative to its consumers.