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Vodafone Drops SIM-Only Contract Price By 37.5 Per Cent For 24 Hours!

Vodafone has pioneered a new form of group buying - using Twitter as the medium. The mobile phone operator has successfully managed to get more than 500 retweets for its #9SIMO offer which unlocked a voucher (9SIMO to be used at checkout) which gives a 50 per cent discount on SIM only packages for nine months and full price for the remaining three months.

The offer is valid till Wednesday 15th and can only be used on 12 month SIM only contracts and though the Vodafone website.

It means that tariffs will be discounted by a whopping 37.5 per cent, with the total cost of ownership for SIM only packages that cost £8 discounted to £5 (or £60 over the duration of the contract).

Use it in conjunction with Topcashback to get another £30.30 cashback, bringing the price down to under £30.

The cheapest offer comes with unlimited texts and either 300 minutes or 150 minutes and 100MB data.

The most expensive offer which currently costs £31 for one year would drop down to just over £19 per month or around £216 over a year. The deal includes 750MB BT Openzone Wi-Fi access, 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data.

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