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YouTube App for Google TV Gets Discover, Channel Pages Upgrades

Google, to provide a better viewing experience, has updated the YouTube app for Google TV enabling users to find videos and channels they would like to view on their big screened TVs.

Google claims that the new update will offer a much faster as well as smoother navigation of YouTube and will also introduce a new feature "Discover", aimed at simplifying the operational aspect of the applications. The new Discover feature will allow users to browse through various channels such as news, comedy, politics and entertainment and fun.

Through its official Google TV blog the company stated that the update will also bring-in another improvement - the inclusion of ‘latest channel' pages. This inclusion will enable users to browse through videos as well as playlists available in the ‘favourite channels' section. Users will be also able to subscribe to various channels from the application directly with just one click, as the ‘subscribe' option will be displayed on the screen itself.

Using the thumbs up and down buttons users can also rate the YouTube video and they can also add favourite videos in their personal playlists on YouTube. The update has been already made available for download in the Android Market.