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Chinese Authorities begin to Confiscate Apple iPad from Stores

Following the iPad trademark infringement verdict that Proview Technology obtained against Apple a while ago, some local Chinese Administrations of Industry and Commerce have started to take the 'iPad' from shelves.

The Chinese authorities are reportedly removing Apple's highly praised tablets from retail chains, although some stores are apparently only withdrawing them from display, interested customers can still buy an iPad if they specifically ask for the product, Chinese tech website DigiCha reveals.

This could be a serious issue for Apple's performance on its second, and potentially largest, market after the domestic one.

Proview Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing the iPad name; the Chinese company registered the trademark before Apple came along with its tablets. So, when it comes to the 'iPad', Apple is the one accused of selling counterfeit products in China.

The Administrations of Industry and Commerce have the right to raid stores and seize documents and products that are counterfeit, and since February 9th, 45 iPads have been confiscated.

For the time being, Proview has only registered a complaint within a limited area, but a Beijing Court decision is expected soon, which would make the situation even worse for Apple if the iPad name is confirmed to belong to the Chinese company. The sum demanded by Proview is said to be $1.6 Billion, should Apple wish to continue trading in the country with the iPad name.

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