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Eircom’s Unencrypted Laptops Stolen, Details of 7000 Customers at Risk

Sensitive personal information of nearly 7000 existing and former customers of Eircom's mobile unit and financial details of 550 eMobile and Meteor customers have been compromised after three unencrypted laptops were stolen.

Two laptops were stolen in December last year from Eircom's Dublin office while the third was stolen from an employee's home. All these laptops were not encrypted. According to an official statement from Eircom, data of 6,441 current and previous eMobile business customers is at risk, out of which 146 did have financial data. Details of another 404 Meteor customers is also at risk confirmed the company.

Head of Communications at Eircom, Paul Bradley, has issued an apology and has revealed that two investigations are currently underway. Eircom has also confirmed that "A review of the Group's encryption policy is underway to ensure all computers and laptops are compliant with the Group's encryption policy."

Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes slammed the company for its sheer negligence by saying that the loss of Eircom's laptop is "one of the most serious breaches" his office has seen reports SC Magazine UK.

Hawkes wasn't at all happy with the delay in the disclosure of the breach. "Our normal delay in getting reports in is 24 to 48 hours which is our guideline for reports of such incidents. So I find it very surprising to hear that reason being given by Eircom," said Hawkes, reports the Irish Times.