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Motorola Intel-based Smartphone Appears Online

The first picture of what looks like the first Motorola smartphone to be based on Intel's ultra lower power Medfield system on chip has emerged online courtesy of Pocketnow.

The phone, which sports Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, swaps Texas Instruments OMAP SoC for Intel's x86 wonderchip, and also includes a new version of the Motoblur user interface.

As expected, the unnamed smartphone doesn't come with any physical button and is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress event, at the end of this month in Barcelona.

Pocketnow claims that the phone's camera will be one of its main selling points with instant-on capabilities plus 15 frames-per-second burst capture.

The picture obtained by the site also shows that the phone will have a grey finish with silver buttons and screws.

Google has emerged as the preferred partner for Intel's mobile ambitions following the failure of Meego, the fusion between Intel and Nokia's respective smartphone platform.

Intel still has plans for a mobile software platform though, while Samsung has announced that Bada will merge with Meego to form Tizen, which will compete with Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS.

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