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AT&T Micro SIM hints at LTE enabled iPhone 5

One of the most requested upgrades for the upcoming sixth generation iPhone, expected to hit the market in summer or autumn, is superfast 4G LTE connectivity.

AT&T will soon receive micro-SIM cards which are LTE-enabled and could be compatible with Apple's iPhone 5, according to an anonymous source who contacted PhoneArena's Nick T, who published a few pictures of the aforementioned card.

One obvious explanation could be that the LTE SIM cards will be used with the Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones that will be soon included in the carrier's lineup; the premier Windows Phone device will have support for AT&T's high speed 4G network.

But what has got tongues wagging is the other high-end smartphone that takes a micro-SIM card - the iPhone 4S, and it is safe to assume its successor will also use micro-SIMs as well. Perhaps the jump made by Nick T is a little far, but it does serve as another pointer that Apple could indeed adopt LTE.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley claim that the iPhone 5 will include an LTE radio, and we may even see LTE technology on the forthcoming iPad 3 according to iMore (though there is less of a consensus on this).

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