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NFC comes to Foursquare on Android

Foursquare, the location based social media service, is introducing near-field communication (NFC) support to their Android app - running on devices powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This update is a low-key component to the latest "Explore" feature, which was introduced last week for Fourquare's iPhone and Android apps.

The NFC support for the Android 4.0 OS has been added in the lists, venue and also me pages too. This latest feature is an ability of "Android Beam" and will allowing users to tap phones, for the initialisation of friend requests - in addition to sharing info, tap their smartphones against any NFC tag or any poster, for checking in.

Third party developers will also be able to add NFC functions, via the APIs offered by Google. However, the user must be an owner of a Galaxy Nexus, where the OS has to be Ice Cream Sandwich.

VP of Mobile and International at Foursquare, Holger Luedorf, stated that , "The user experience is great. You just hold your phone against the tap [point]. The check-in screen automatically pops up with the right venue. You're basically shaving very valuable seconds off the checkin process." reported Mobile Entertainment.

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