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One Million iPads Sold in Samsung's Homeland of Korea

Apple has now managed to sell over one million iPads in Korea since Apple's tablet was introduced in the homeland of arch-rival Samsung, in November 2010, according to a recent report from Cnet.

The figures show that in the holiday quarter of 2010 Apple sold 200,000 iPad units and last year 700,000 more units were sold, with an estimated 100,000 more iPads having been sold since the beginning of this year.

According to the report this gives the iPad 70-80 percent of the tablet market in the country, leaving Samsung's Galaxy Tab and other Android tablets well behind. This will be particularly sweet for the Apple hierarchy.

Despite being partners, as Samsung supplies various components for iDevices, the two companies are bitter rivals in the smartphone and tablets markets, having also fought a number of patent infringement lawsuits across the globe.

The second generation iPad that took the worldwide market by storm, was released in Korea last April.

On the US market 3G iPad 2 has started to appear as "out of stock", while the Wi-Fi iPad 2 models are still enough to cover the demand. The situation is due to the approaching release of the third generation iPad, expected to hit the market in just a few of weeks, with Apple lowering orders for the earlier model.

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