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Samsung to Launch 55 inch Super OLED TV in Q3-Q4

Samsung is set to the launch the jaw dropping 55 inch Super OLED TV displayed at CES this year sometime in the second half of 2012.

While early speculation had the impressive television launching some time this spring, Samsung have now outed the fact that UK consumers won't be getting a look in until at least Q3, perhaps Q4, but not later than that.

Made from a mind bendingly thin, single sheet of glass, the display features almost no bezel and some of the most impressive black and white contrast of any TV released to date. No doubt the price will be monstrous, but to own one of the best televisions available in the world on release day; there will be plenty of takers.

However, Samsung won't be the only company making use of this new ultra-thin medium. LG is set to release its own 55 inch OLED display later this year. Which one will land first, which one will be better, remains to be seen.

There are some basic numbers floating around that do allow for some comparisons between the two, but not enough to say anything concrete. Samsung's TV apparently comes in at just 8mm thick. However, LG halves that figure again, dropping it to a ludicrous 4mm. Both sets come with 3D technology, though LG's is passive, while Samsung's is active, meaning you need power for the latter, but not the former.

Both will likely come with internet connectivity along with apps and all those other features that encourage us to upgrade.

Source: Cnet

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