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WorldDesk Now Uses DropBox

Not content to sit on its laurels, DropBox is farming out its technology to other firms, integrating it with WorldDesk to offer a different way to access your desktop.

In the past users could remotely access their desktop and files from any device as long as they were logged in well enough. Now though, with the introduction of a DropBox feature they'll be able to access all files, folders and their desktop itself from within the DropBox service as well.

Instead of really adding anything new to each of these platforms, it allows further integration of the two, allowing users of both to benefit, and those that use one or the other to have one more reason to pick up an extra subscription. No doubt monetary deals will follow for anyone wanting to subscribe to both WorldDesk and Drop Box.

Currently the DropBox version of WorldDesk is only usable on Windows 7, 32bit machines, but it is said that the nerds behind the scenes are working on improving the spread of compatible operating systems, with Mac, Linux and 64 bit iterations of Windows in their sights.

The announcement for this move was made on the WorldDesk website, with founder Jonathan (great name) Chesney stating: "Thanks to Dropbox the desktop now lives in the cloud, thanks to WorldDesk that desktop can now run on any local device. This unique offering has the potential to disrupt the entire $65 billion DaaS market."

"Dropbox lets people bring their documents, photos and videos everywhere. Dropbox and WorldDesk combined will allow people do the same with their personalised desktop. WorldDesk and Dropbox are a perfect match this Valentine's Day!"

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