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£53.38 Pioneer BDR-S06XLB Internal SATA Blu-Ray Writer

The Pioneer BDR-S06XLB is an internal SATA Blu-ray writer built using a newly designed mechanism that enables advanced noise suppression thus allowing for noise free overall operations.

Depending upon the type of content being played, the drive monitor itself and sets the disc rotation automatically - meaning it will spin slowly/quietly for audio & movie playback, and quickly for data transfers. The sound barrier serves two purposes - first by trapping noise inside and secondly keeps the dust outside thus giving a higher dust durability.

The BDR-S06XLB is compatible with both single as well as dual layer discs - be it DVDs or Blu-rays and capable of writing 25GB of data on single layer Blu-ray discs and 50GB on dual layer discs at a speed of 12x. Pioneer has ensured that there is no limitation in terms of the write speeds over discs unlike other vendors and hence provides 16x writing over a large variety of DVD media.

Thanks to PureRead functionality the Blu-ray writer ensures that you have seamless audio even in cases where the disc is scratched or is dirty. This is achieved by filling the error data with calculations based on data before and after the error.

The Pioneer BDR-S06XLB Internal SATA Blu-Ray Writer is available from Amazon for £53.38.