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£79.99 Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player

Streaming - be it movies, songs or images is a great to have feature and when you want it from multiple sources, you definitely need different platforms to fulfil your needs. For internet based streaming you would need laptops or desktops, DLNA based streaming you would need DLNA compatible systems which doesn't go down well with the budget.

Western Digital, to address all those issues, presents the TV Live Streaming Media Player that allows you to stream DVDs, CDs, Photo Albums, Freeview Boxes, Streaming Sites, On Demand services right from one place without the need of multiple devices. The media player allows you have all your favourite content available at one location thus enabling you stream from any computer (Windows/Mac compatible), server or external hard-drive directly to your TV, with or without wires, and that too in HD.

You can stream movies, TV shows, stay connected to your friends and family on your favourite social network right through to your HD TV. Through either the wired or wireless connectivity to the Internet, you would be all set within just a few minutes.

There is no limit in terms of the hardware from which you can stream. You can stream videos, music, and photos from your USB drive, network drive, and any PC or Mac computer in your home.

Some of the more advanced features of the media player are Audio lip sync adjustment, Subtitle colour, position, and timing adjustment, Password-protected parental controls for specific online services, etc.

In terms of connectivity, the media player is equipped with 2 USB ports, an HDMI port, an SPDIF output, an Ethernet port and a composite video/audio output.

The Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player is available from for £79.99.