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Amazon Buying up Land in Seattle

Amazon looks set to buy up some extra land around its Seattle headquarters in a deal with family owned company, Clise Properties Inc.

It's unknown at this stage what the retail giant plans to do with the new purchase, but it's expected to acquire several acres. The size of Clise's holdings is around 12.5 acres, with Amazon expected to buy up around half of this.

Currently zoned for commercial and residential development according to Business Week, Clise has had this land up for sale since 2007, with economic climates meaning that all offers since then have fallen short of the total $600 million price tag. While not buying up the entire property, this isn't a fee that Amazon would struggle to pay.

It seems that the likely reason for this move is to expand the current size of the online retail giant's headquarters - perhaps the higher ups need bigger offices or better views.

Of course it could also be a new packing facility, but's a rather expensive warehouse land purchase if it is. Then again, with Amazon's recenltly outed poor working conditions and claimed human rights violations, it wouldn't be out of this world to think that the company was looking to improve its public image as a caring employer.

Another option could be another retail outlet which Amazon is purportedly looking to open in Seattle. Doing so right next door to the HQ could create an interesting location for those interested in the mail order firm as well as getting a good deal.

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