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Apple, Research in Motion and Microsoft given go ahead to acquire Nortel patents

The US Department of Justice has given the go ahead to the $4.5 billion bid for Nortel's patents, by a group of companies that include Apple, Research in Motion and Microsoft.

The Nortel's portfolio has approximately 6,000 patents, where the Department of Justice has stated that the approval was given after clear commitments were received from Apple and also Microsoft.

Licenses have been provided for the standard essential patents based on "fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, as well as their commitments not to seek injunctions in disputes involving SEPs." reported Engadget.

At the same time, the government department also approved Apple's take over of few Novell patents.

The official press released by the DoJ Antitrust Division, stated that "After a thorough review of the proposed transactions, the Antitrust Division has determined that each acquisition is unlikely to substantially lessen competition and has closed these three investigations."

The focus of the division's investigation was whether the patents acquisition made by the tech giants will empower them, to raise the costs of their rivals' products or even foreclose any competition.

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