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Chinese iPad Makers Earn Less than Koreans

Another report has landed that suggests those working in Chinese Apple manufacturing facilities earn substantially less than those elsewhere around the world.

In a somewhat bizarre measurement of income, Cnet is reporting that Chinese workers that are putting together iPads earn just $8 per unit produced. In comparison, Korean labourers doing the same jobs earn as much as $34 per unit, giving them a much healthier 6.8 per cent of the overall sale price. Chinese workers however earn just 1.6 per cent.

Apple and its suppliers - namely Foxconn - have been in the news a lot recently for having dangerous working conditions for staff, as well as paying them quite poorly. This latest report is hardly going to help with that.

However, the tide could be turning as international interest in these human rights issues is on the rise. Most recently Apple began allowing the Fair Labour Association to inspect its facilities and has attempted to distance itself from problematic suppliers like Foxconn, by publicly stating loud and clear that it has nothing to do with the way other companies handle their facilities.

They'll need to scream a little louder though, as clearly it's not enough. It was only yesterday that record label Occupation Records announced it wouldn't be selling any of its music through Amazon or Apple due to human rights violations and poor working conditions at the firms. Hackers at SwagSec also took a swipe at Foxconn in retaliation for the way it treats its employees.

Public pressure is certainly mounting. The question is, what is Apple going to do about it?

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