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FileTrek Gets $10 Million for New File Sharing Cloud

Cloud storage and file sharing platform FileTrek has managed to raise another $10 million in funding thanks to investments from a few extra firms.

The three companies that have injected cash into the new venture are Anthem Venture Partners, Telesystem and Ontario Emerging Technologies funds. This is a ballsy investment since the Megaupload clampdown has led to a massive contraction in the file sharing industry with many shutting up shop or retracting their services to prevent legal action.

FileTrek however is avoiding this by taking a more business orientated focus, designed to let enterprises share files securely as well as encouraging project collaboration. Managers and higher ups are also able to track content and data across their employee's desktops and mobile accounts. While this is hardly an attractive feature for those being tracked, preventing illegitimate use is something that those paying the bills are keen to avoid.

FileTrek will also track file usage, who worked with it, who accessed and edited it and more. Files are backed up automatically as they're edited, allowing for roll backs from screw ups and syncing between mobile and desktop systems. This lets employees work on stuff at home, while being tracked and prevented from doing any permanent damage should something go awry.

This is certainly a service that's geared towards businesses and larger corporations. However, it would also make for a great platform for distributing hacking tools should an organisation set up an account. It'll be interesting to see when FileTrek launches, who gets hold of of one.

Source: TechCrunch

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