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iPad Owners at Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury Warn Experts

Tablet owners have started showing signs of repetitive strain injury (RSI), which is definitely not a good news for all the tech giants who are focusing on manufacturing and marketing the currently considered "hot" gadget in the marketplace all over the world. In fact, many people are planning to change their smartphones and acquire this convenient and portable device.

In the recent few months, a number of RSI cases have been detected that suggest that it would be better if people switch to some other gadget rather than considering buying a tablet computer.

According to the author of The Ergolab, Cyndi Davis stated that, "It is very challenging finding a comfortable body posture while using the iPad. In my opinion it is not equipped for long-term typing activities," reports The Daily Mail.

Experts are warning iPad users not to have prolonged sessions on the tablet. Dr John Pappas, of the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, said: "You can avoid problems by following the same protocols suggested for laptops - buy the right accessories to set the screen at a comfortable working height and use an external keyboard."