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Main Graphics Card Makers Launch AMD HD 7770 and 7750

AMD's main partners have been let off the leash, releasing the Radeon HD 7770 and 7750 in the wild - giving prospective buyers one more reason not to wait for Nvidia's Kepler.

The press materials from each of the big firms have begun hitting inboxes the world over, with a few varied coolers appearing alongside slightly tweaked core and memory clocks. However, feature wise everything is the same across the board, with each 7770 and 7750 supporting:

  • 28 nm GCN Architecture
  • AMD Eyefinity 2.0
  • AMD HD3D Technology
  • AMD Power Tune Technology
  • AMD ZeroCore Power Technology
  • PCI-E 3.0
  • Discrete Digital Multipoint Audio (DDMA)
  • HDMI 1.4a and DP 1.2
  • Support for 4096 x 2160 Displays
  • Video Codec Engine
  • AMD Steady Video 2.0

As well as all these features, this latest generation makes use of a new 28nm development process, bringing all the usual improvements of a die shrink, including reduced power draw and thermal output, potentially allowing for quieter coolers and better overclocking.

Some of the different versions available include a direct touch cooled iteration from Asus, a dual fan variant from MSI and a few heavy factory overclocked options from a handful of manufacturers. However, almost everyone has a "GHz" edition with a core clock of 1GHz as an option since these cards seemingly can OC so well.

Performance wise the 7770 is around the GTX 460/HD 6850 range, with the 7750 hitting a little lower at the 5770, Geforce 550 Ti area. Hardly ground breaking performance from either of these cards, but we should be thankful AMD hasn't named them the 790000 or something to trick us.

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