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NGINX to Offer Commercial Support to its Web Server Customers

NGINX, the open source web server, which overtook Microsoft's Internet Information Services to secure the number two spot in the web server market is going to provide commercial support now it has been revealed.

The parent company of NGINX was formed in the month of July in 2011 and according to this company the original creators as well as developers are set to offer support to small, medium or even large scale commercial website installations.

To make this work there are three technical support packages on offer - Premium, Advanced and Essential. These packages will cover installation, performance improvement, configuration, software maintenance, implementation, design and finally optimization assistance, reported ZD Net.

NGINX will be offering "rapid response and resolution of problems and incidents, including emergency bug fixes and prioritized development. Subscribing customers will also receive proactive notifications about major changes, security patches, new and interim software releases, and recommendations about available updates and upgrades."

NGINX has confirmed that it will not abandon its open source roots and that users will be able to download and browse the whole source code along with binary package from NGINX website.