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£349.99 Asus K53E-SX087V Intel Core i3 640GB HDD 15.6" Laptop

The Asus K53E-SX087V is a mid-segment laptop that is equipped with some great features and with a premium aluminium texture finish the laptop is suitable for both home as well as business users.

Featuring the Intel Core i3 2.13GHz processor and 4GB RAM, the laptop gives a neck to neck competition to other laptops in terms of performance. Multitasking is greatly enhanced with the pre-loaded Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system. Being 64-bit, the operating system utilises every last bit of your 4GB memory unlike the 32-bit OS which are not capable of using beyond 3GB.

The 640GB hard drive is more than average space compare to what is present in other laptops of this segment thus ensuring that you don't run out of storage space over night. Asus has ensured that data enthusiasts might not think that the 640GB is enough and for that it has equipped the laptop with a DVD SuperMulti optical drive.

15.6" screen with 1366x768 HD display and Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics, all work together to provide you with great visual - be it for movies, videos or games. The laptop has all the standard connectivity options along with built-in mic and webcam.

The Asus K53E-SX087V Intel Core i3 640GB HDD 15.6" Laptop is available from for £349.99.