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Aereo Cuts Cabling, Offers Internet based Live Broadcast TV

Aereo, the subscription TV service, has come up with a potentially ground breaking technology that could change our home viewing experience for good! The company is currently planning to replace all existing cable connections in the US with huge number of tiny antennas which will be hooked to internet connections, provided they are allowed to do so by broadcasters.

The subscription TV service has all the plans ready to launch streaming of free-to-air content on smartphones, tablet computers as well as for computers in the New York City on 14th March.

This new service will be costing $12 every month as fee and Aereo will also be offering cloud based DVR along with the facility to pause live TV broadcast.

Aereo service will not require a TV tuner card but will use clusters antennas in an individual data centre to provide the streaming service. The individual tuner would then stream the channel through to an HTML 5 app that can be location either on a laptop, desktop, smartphone or a tablet notes Slash Gear. These tiny antennas are capable of picking high definition transmissions by assuming its availability and then provide access to content present in more than twenty channels such as CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC and so on and so forth.