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EU To Extend Data Roaming Cap To The Entire World

Two years ago, the European Union lowered the data roaming charges across its member countries, by limiting the expenditure limit to €50 a month. The EU is now preparing to extend that reduction in price, to cover the whole world.

The new proposal is actually a part of the EU's larger plan, of extending the current 5-year old cost limits on text, voice as well as data roaming charges - all the way through to the year 2022.

The proposal has been scheduled to go to a European Parliament vote, some time before April this year. This is a short time before the existing limits expire, in July.

It is almost certain that the cost reduction policy will continue in the years to come, although its proposed new limits have been subjected to severe criticism by various consumers as being too high.

"Europe's millions of smartphone customers will continue to face rip-off data roaming prices unless European institutions take real action now," Bengt Beier, an organizer of Europeans for Fair Roaming, stated, as reported by the New York Times.

"European politicians have long promised us prices for roaming services that are near domestic rates," he added.