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Google Updates Browser Mapping With Log In Ability

Google has decided to launch a few updates to the browser based version of Google Maps, where it seems that there are couple of surprises waiting for regular users.

The Mountain View based company, via a post on Google Lat Long Blog, has disclosed this information, along with the details of its operation.

Among various changes is the most important one of all, which is the requirement to log on to a Google account - to get better assistance in keeping track, of the most searched for items on Google Maps.

As an example, if there is a particular place that the user often looks for, then it appears in a My Places tab on Maps, whenever the user logs on via a Google account.

Locations can be ‘starred', in which the user rates those places, as well as check-in or even save in a custom maps, along with past searches. In other words, there is no need to find the specific locations over and over again, after the new updates are rolled out.

Upon clicking on the My Places, the user will get to see all the stored directions to various places that they have recently looked for - on the panel located at the left of the map.

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