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HP Launches First Ever All-in-one Workstation Z1

Hewlett-Packard has launched the first ever all-in-one workstation dubbed Z1 that might just be the most compact workstation available today.

Blessed with a whole bunch of sophisticated hardware including a server class processor - the Quad-core Xeon processor, integrated power supply, a 27 inch screen, graphics card and plenty more, the Z1 is suitable for media, computer-aided design and entertainment professionals. Apart from these it will also come equipped with webcam, three USB 3.0 ports as well as multiple display inputs.

According to the general manager of HP's workstation business Jim Zafarana, the Z1 has been dished out in the market in response to the long standing demand of the consumer market for a compact workstation that saves them plenty of desk-space. The new workstation, which was unveiled earlier this week at the HP Global Partner Conference hosted at Las Vegas, will be priced from $1,899 onwards.

The company seems to be pretty optimistic about the new product as it even went on comparing the Z1 with its flagship and massively popular workstation-in-a-tower- the Z800.

"We deliver the power without the tower. This is professional level of workstation performance, through and through," Zafarana said, reports PC World.