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Late News: Intel Ivy Bridge Delayed? LibreOffice 3.5 Released, Inkling Outs Free Publishing Platform

A rumour has surfaced that Intel's much anticipated Ivy Bridge processors could be delayed, potentially leading to a belated release of Ultrabooks and other hardware. Reported initially by Digitimes, the rumoured delay suggests that volume shipments of the new processor line won't begin appearing until June.

Facebook has unveiled the latest update to its official app for Windows Phone, with a handful of new and revamped features. In short, the updated app brings with it a new and improved interface, as well as support for some of the latest features on the main site. The latest version, 2.3, has already been made available for download in the Windows Marketplace.

Release of LibreOffice 3.5 has been announced by The Document Foundation (TDF) describing it as "the best free office suite ever". The latest build has been stripped free of a lot of redundant code which it had inherited from its base - OpenOffice that resulted into stability issues. These issues have been resolved but, TDF recommends that any company who is willing to go for version 3.5 should enlist themselves for the professional support.

Recently, Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis launched the latest Inkling Habitat digital publishing platform and announced that the company intends to be leader in digital publishing. Inkling is an eBooks and textbook producer for Apple's iPad. The latest cloud based software will allow publishers to deploy content based on standards along with 3D exhibits, high definition video, guided tours as well as interactive quizzes.

On Tuesday, the annual study conducted by Secunia has been released according to which even though system administrators are putting in efforts to keep Microsoft supplied packages updated, majority of its software is responsible for growing vulnerabilities. According to the study, in the year 2006 the share of third party vulnerabilities was 45 per cent in any employee's computer but this figure was 78 per cent in the year 2011.