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New Zealand Government's Reliance on Google Cloud Based Services Has It's Critics

The New Zealand government's ongoing efforts to reduce costs by relying more on Internet based services could eventually result in the masses being gradually alienated from it functioning, claimed an expert, observing the government's every move in this direction.

New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, had been in close touch with the Internet giant Google representatives, in order to beef up the process of going digital, therefore enhancing the efficiency of public services - at the same time reducing the cost-structure, substantially.

Google was assigned a crucial role in the vision, as it was chosen as a major supplier of software and services. This was all to help achieve the goal of making governance in the country far more technology-driven, than it is today.

It seems that not everybody is totally convinced about the efficiency and benefits of this transformation. According to Victoria University's Miriam Lips, who also heads a group that closely monitors the country's e-Government strategies, all these proposed changes must be carefully evaluated, before finally deploying them.

She is of the opinion that though technology can help the government on many fronts, it could hardly be relied upon as a full scale replacement of human workforce.

"I don't think we will end up in a situation where you don't have anyone in the public service as some services are too complicated to fully deal with online" she said, as reported by TVNZ.

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