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Oracle R Programming Language Now Inside 11g Database

Oracle has recently embedded its R programming language, naming it R-acle 11g Quant Edition. The R programming language has been used by above 2 million statisticians, and the company has decided to provide it to the world via its 11g relational database.

The hugely popular R is an open source programming language for statistical analysis, which also has a run-time engine too. The leading competitor of R is closed source analytic tools called Revolution Analytic, where the more open variant is very popular among those who need to use it regularly.

This programming language came into existence in 1996 and was created by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka; both the creators are professors of statistics at the Auckland University, New Zealand.

Oracle, unlike Revolution Analytics, has no plans of commercialising R or its run-time engine and the company has also no plans for starting their own distribution of R, or even offering tech support.

However, the company will provide simple yet useful R programming tool for a number of Oracle database shops. Advanced Analytics (R tools' name) will be the latest option in the Oracle 11g R2 database, reported The Register.

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