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Rumour: Xbox 720 Codenamed "Durango"

A new rumour has surfaced about Microsoft's next generation Xbox console, that its development codename is "Durango."

This isn't the official product name bear in mind, but the codename. It's the same as the Dolphin for the Gamecube and Revolution for the Wii. Of course it seems likely it will be called some sort of Xbox eventually, but these rumours do counter previous ones that it would be known - at least in codename form - as the Xbox 720 Loop.

For the graphically knowledgeable, you might already know what part of the world this new name is taken from. For everyone else, including yours truly, a quick Google brings up that it's one of Mexico's main states. What does this mean? Probably nothing, but who doesn't love a bit of next-gen speculation?

Other rumours that have been circulating on sites like Kotaku indicate that the next Xbox will have the ability to play Blu-Rays, won't support used games and could also introduce the second generation of motion tracking Kinect hardware.

Some initially suggested that the next-gen consoles wouldn't support games on disk at all, switching to a full digital distribution platform. However that seems unlikely, as internet speeds across the board just aren't there yet. When it could potentially take hours to download the latest games, disk distribution is just easier until bandwidth makes that next jump.

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