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Apple CEO Predicts Tablets Will Outsell PCs in a Few Years

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs technology conference Apple CEO, Tim Cook forecast that we'll soon see desktop and laptop PCs being outsold by the iPad and other tablets.

Cook pointed out, as the Guardian reports, that the development of tablets and the way they'll challenge PCs "will be good for the PC industry, because there will be this strong competitor, and tablets will innovate like crazy and customers will decide which to buy."

Ultimately, though, he proposes, "there will be a strong PC industry but tablets will be stronger in units."

15.4m iPads were sold in Q4 2011 compared to around 92.5m PCs, based on research from IDC and Gartner; however, Apple's tablet sales have doubled since Q4 2010 and other tablet makers are also coming on strong, while PC sales are stagnating.

The Apple CEO also hinted at an area where everybody expects some fresh good news, the upcoming Apple TV. He suggested the Cupertino based company will soon refresh the Apple TV set-top box in the course of developing the smart TV.

In addition, the head man at the most powerful tech company in the world, referred to some of the hottest topics that have caught the public's eye recently, including the appalling working conditions in Apple's Asian supply chain.

Cook announced that the Fair Labor Association has started what could be the most important investigation in the organization's history.

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