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Virgin Media Sponsoring EuroGamer Expo 2012

Virgin Media has become the official main sponsor of consumer gaming show, Eurogamer Expo 2012, with the giant corporation providing support throughout the show and the rest of the year.

Set to take place in Earls Court London between 27th and 30th of September, Eurogamer Expo has become one of the UK's largest gaming shows, with many of the latest titles from major and minor developers and publishers being showcased.

"The show itself is excellent and I really believe that it's the best game event in the UK and arguably Europe," said Luke Southern, head of sponsorship and partnerships at Virgin Media.

To back up these claims, Virgin will be providing high speed internet for the event, ensuring everyone visiting will be able to share images, text and video with one another as well as those that weren't lucky enough to get a ticket. However this isn't just a service being offered, but a demonstration of the future broadband that Virgin could be offering its consumers.

"It's not about us coming down there and trying to flog our broadband," continued Mr Southern." We're hope they're already using it or by what we give them, they will in turn feel better about the brand. I think that's probably something that's at the core of Virgin, putting customers and consumers first, tapping into the insight of what people like to do and partnering with the right people at the right time to talk to the right audience at the right time."

Unless you consider the fact that Virgin was the first UK based internet service provider to begin using the three strikes policy against pirated downloads. On top of that it readily agreed to the NewzBin2 blocking fiasco that occurred just a few months ago.

Rant aside, Eurogamer certainly has a big backer now, so the estimated 50,000 attending should be in for a treat. .

Source: Games Industry (requires free account signup)

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