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Adobe Introduces Background Filling Tool For Photoshop

Adobe has launched a new piece of technology for Photoshop CS5, called content-aware fill. This can automatically fill in a gap left, when part of an image is removed or just moved. The company is planning to add more to this concept, in the upcoming CS6.

Photoshop Senior Product Manager, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, in the fourth Photoshop CS6 preview, displayed two ways of using this tool. In this latest version of their flagship product, photographers will be able to choose the source of the filler themselves.

Hughes commented that, "People have been asking for this for a while with the patch tool, and that's just what we've given them."

"What I want is the ability to drive this and tell it what to put where," reported CNET.

The powerful tool has been used for centring a coin-operated telescope with ease, which was originally located off-centre - demonstrated by the product manager here.

Also in the preview, the executive repositions an image of a woman who originally was positioned in front of a house, on some grass where he repositioned her on different part of the grass, in front of the house - with the missing area automatically being filled. There is an "extend" mode, which Hughes used for increasing the length the roof, too.

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