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AMD Releases Pre-certified Catalyst 12.2 Graphics Driver

AMD has released the pre-certified catalyst 12.2 driver, adding Windows Vista/7 support for 7700 and 7900 graphics cards, as well as enabling super sampling anti-aliasing.

This is exactly the same driver that will be released as the AMD Catalyst 12.2 Certified driver, except that one will be given the nod by Microsoft and released sometime in late February or early March.

Official release notes suggest that this driver only adds support for Windows 7 and Vista - XP users will need to wait until the release of Catalyst 12.4 before these latest 7000 series graphics processing units (GPUs) are officially supported on that operating system.

Super Sampling Anti Aliasing (SSAA) is now fully available for the 79XX and 77XX cards as well, though games must support anti aliasing for this to work. Users can enable either SSAA or adaptive anti-aliasing through the catalyst control panel.

The rest of the release notes address Eyefinity 2.1 improvements. They include custom resolutions, where users can now choose from a much wider range of display resolutions across multiple monitors. Profile switching through Dynamic Configuration Changes is also possible, making it easier for those jumping between different display setups on a regular basis.

For those wishing to read up more on the pre-certified driver as well as those wanting to give it a try, you can do so at the official AMD page.

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