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Apple Smartphone Share to Drop in Q1 as iPhone 4S Loses Momentum

Although Apple announced impressive sales figures last quarter, with analysts hailing the smartphone as the market leader, the company won't be able to maintain the sales volume over the next two quarters.

Analysts from Gartner are predicting Apple will see a decline in smartphone market share, that reached 24% last quarter, as the appeal of iPhone 4S begins to wear off, Reuters reports.

Apple was riding on a wave of anticipation for the most recent iPhone and the pent up demand that followed a 15-month wait. Furthermore, executives of the Cupertino-based company developed a strategy to push the iPhone 4S to the market with unparalleled force, making it available on almost 100 international markets within months of release; while domestically iPhone 4S was the first iPhone available at the same time at three top US carriers.

Now Apple has played all its cards as far as the iPhone 4S is concerned, and the next wave of enthusiasm won't come until at earliest summer or probably autumn when the 'iPhone 5' turns up.

But things are far from gloomy for Apple in the smartphone market; spare a thought for the previous leader Nokia, who saw its market share drop dramatically last year, from 30% down to around 12%.