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Apple Market Capitalisation Worth More Than Microsoft & Google Put Together

Apple outperformed its rivals Microsoft and Google, as the company's market capitalisation is now worth more than those of Microsoft and Google put together.

According to Google Finance, Apple is worth $468 billion based on a share value of $502.21. Microsoft has a market capitalisation of $262.51 billion while the market value of Google currently stands at $198.81 billion.

Over the last decade, the price of Apple shares has improved exponentially, gaining 4,100 per cent from February 2002. In other words, someone investing $1 in Apple shares would have reaped more than $41 while the Nasdaq grew only by 63 per cent over the same period.

In comparison over 10 years, Google shares went up by only 460 per cent and Microsoft is quasi stable at three per cent. Apple, as a business model appears to be an oddity, as its main revenue source is consumer hardware which usually commands single digit profit margins.

Apple on the other hand had an operating margin of 37.42 per cent and a net profit of 28.20 per cent for the last quarter. HP for example offers a net profit margin of 0.74 percent.

This explains why Apple has nearly $100 billion in cash reserves, that's nearly matches the revenue of the world's biggest retailer, Walmart.

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