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Intel Unveils New Crystal Forest Server Platform Solution

Intel has pulled the curtains on its next generation communication platform codenamed "Crystal Forest" which it says will improve data processing over a network along side better security and efficiency.

"Crystal Forest" will target rival high end networking solutions from Freescale, Broadcom/Netlogic as well as Cavium and is expected to deliver up to 160 million packets per second performance for Layer 3 packet forwarding.

As a platform, it will rely on Intel's Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge Xeon processors (from one to 16 cores, on one or two sockets) an unlike most other vendors, won't need a coprocessor that does the heavy lifting.

Instead, Intel will use its QuickAssist technology which, according to the press release, will help "process and accelerate specialized packet workloads - cryptography, compression and deep packet inspection included - on standard Intel platforms"

This, Intel says, will allow secure internet transactions at speeds of up to 100Gbps which will give service providers the ability to scale without the need for any additional costs.

The Crystal Forest platform will be followed by annual performance refreshes for several years according to Intel's Platform roadmap, thus giving hardware manufacturers and service providers the ability to "scale and refresh" their designs.

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