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Noon News: Online Encryption System Flawed, PS Vita under £200 at ASDA?, Cisco Opposes Microsoft-Skype Deal

A new research carried by a U.S. and European cryptanalysts claims that most commonly used online encryption method is, after all, not that much secured as it is usually assumed to be. The study was conducted by the researches who reviewed a massive number of public keys that are utilised by various websites for encrypting online transactions.

Asda will apparently sell the Sony PS Vita gaming console for under £200, in physical stores only, from the 22nd of February, but has cut some corners in order to be the cheapest vendor on the market. This is marginally cheaper than Amazon's £210 offer, but doesn't come with the welcome pack or even with a storage card (Amazon bundles an 8GB card and a game for £15).

LightSquared might exchange its wireless airwave licence with that being held by the US Department of Defense in an effort to salvage all its investment which may get jeopardized following FCC's announcement that it will block LightSquared in moving ahead with its wireless plans.

Cisco has raised objection to the regulatory clearance issued by the European Union to Microsoft's acquisition of the VoIP platform Skype. In its appeal filed on Wednesday against the decision taken by the EU, Cisco claimed that the acquisition of Skype by the Redmond based software giant could result in a monopoly in the market by the new entity, thus deteriorating competitiveness and consumer benefits.

A new study carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shed light onto many interesting facts about the browsing habits of Brits. The study was based on the data collected by the ONS during the last quarter of 2011 and it claims that as of Dec 31 2011, near about 8.2 million adults in the country had never been online in their lives.