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Phones4U Provides More Details About Jump Phone Upgrade Scheme

Phones4U launched a new contract/phone upgrade option called Jump at the beginning of the month, and while the scheme is expected to be popular with customers looking to change phones as often as once every six months, there were still some questions to be answered.

A spokeswoman for the company has confirmed to us that the trade-in value of the phone purchased in the initial contract will be determined using what the company calls a "standard in-store trade-in process" which monitors the mobile recycling market on a daily basis.

She stressed the fact that Phones4U will offer "a trade-in value consistent with that of the market at the time" and says that it will offer double the difference if the customer manages to find a "genuine better trade-in price elsewhere".

Phones4U also explained that the premium added to the monthly cost (varies between £2.99 and £3.99) allows for the flexibility offered by JUMP, which includes the ability to upgrade their handset once every six months.

JUMP also includes a remote data backup and storage service for contracts, music, pictures and videos as well as dedicated technical support.

We're still not convinced whether JUMP is actually worth it in the long term, given that some customers may end up with triple figure contracts if they upgrade three times in two years to the most expensive smartphones on offer.