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Windows 8 Cross Platform Services will be Key in Competing with iPad: Microsoft CFO

Microsoft's common consumer and business services, which extend their compatibility with both Windows 8 as well as other platforms should give the company an edge over their competitors in the tablet market, claimed the CFO of the Redmond based company.

Since the disclosure of Windows 8 and the fact that it will be powered by ARM, the very basic question that arises is what will the device offer that would set it apart and provide more advantage over Apple iPad, the number one tablet computer in the market?

Office on Windows for ARM may benefit this new platform. Microsoft's decision to add four Office 15 apps on the latest Windows 8 ARM tablets has already received much attention. However, if Microsoft decides to add these Office apps in the iPad then they might reduce their own chance to gain a considerable position in the market, reported ZD Net.

On 15th February at Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference, Peter Klein, CFO of Microsoft also revealed other plans of the company. For example, Microsoft plans to differentiate its Windows 8 based devices through cross platform services like search, cloud services for different consumer as well as enterprise, entertainment services provided with Xbox Live and so on.

During the interview, Klein was asked about the gauge through which they will be measuring the success of Windows 8 consumer preview. To this he answered that the company was going to look at both quantitative and qualitative responses from developers and some key influential parties. Klein said: "Our approach is delivering very compelling set of experiences across a range of devices", reports The Seattle Times.