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EFF Criticises Google over Safari’s Privacy Protection Debacle

Electronic Frontier Foundation - the US based international digital rights advocacy group has criticised the Internet giant Google for allegedly snooping and thus breaching the privacy of the users of Apple's Safari browser.

EFF further stated that such violations of users' privacy rights highlight the need for some effective Do Not Track guidelines that companies must be pushed to comply by.

"Coming on the heels of Google's controversial decision to tear down the privacy-protective walls between some of its other services, this is bad news for the company," the EFF said in a statement.

"It's time for Google to acknowledge that it can do a better job of respecting the privacy of Web users," it added.

The breach was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, following which Google, quickly responded and took down the feature.

EFF, however, was sceptical about the move taken by Google. It said that any specially designed code that can pass through privacy protection features, should be monitored in a much proactive and cautious way which "clearly did not happen" in this case.