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FBI to Take Out Internet on March 8?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly planning to temporarily shut down a number of domain name servers on the coming March 8, thus restricting web access to millions of computers worldwide.

Apparently, the action will be taken by the FBI to engage and nullify a threat named DNSChanger Trojan, known for its ability to alter the DNS settings in the victims' computers, and thus forcing them to visit to certain unsavoury sites.

DNSChanger Trojan was allegedly designed and unleashed in the webspace by six Estonian nationals who were later apprehended by the country's authorities last year. The malware spread rather quickly and infected computer systems in over 100 countries.

According to reports, half a million computers have already been infected by the malware in the US alone, thus forcing FBI to take this decisive step in order to tackle the issue once and for all.

"Computers still infected with DNSChanger are up against a countdown clock. As part of the DNSChanger botnet takedown, the feds secured a court order to replace the Trojan's DNS infrastructure with surrogate, legitimate DNS servers," Cyber security journalist Brian Krebs stated, reports Beat Beat.