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Mac OS X Mountain Lion to Escape Apple’s Cage in Summer?

Apple's decision to roll out a new version of its Mac OS X platform some time during this summer highlights how the company is focusing more on its software ecosystem - the iCloud platform in particular.

As a part of this new approach, the company is allowing the tech community to have a sneak peek into the demo version of the Mac OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion' today. Though the company has not provided any concrete information about the release date, it did confirm that the anticipating fans won't have to wait any longer than late this summer.

The company also made it clear that they have no intentions whatsoever to merge Mac OS X with its mobile OS platform iOS. Michael Gartenberg of Gartner research said: "Apple's not merging Mac OS X and iOS. But they are making them feel the same. And that shows that the ecosystem is more important than the device or even the platform," reports PC World.

While announcing the latest in Mac OS X series, Apple also confirmed that this will be the first edition of the popular operating system that has been designed to suit the requirements of the iCloud platform.