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Satnavs Confused Drivers Causing Damages worth £200 million Says Study

Almost £200 million worth of damages were caused to cars in the past one year because of error-prone satnavs, claims a new study.

The study which revealed this rather shocking statistics further stated that as much as 83 per cent of satnav users were being misled by their systems, thus raising questions about the trustworthiness of this navigation system. The error-prone behaviour of satnavs led drivers to drive through wrong ways and thus causing accidents.

The survey was conducted over 2000 drivers from all around the country and it concluded that women were much more likely to turn angry on their devices as compared to their male counterparts. The drivers in the East Midlands in particular, seemed to have been most outraged over the blunders committed by their satnavs.

"As car insurance costs continue to rise, it's never been more important to keep your motoring costs as low as possible," head of car insurance at, Gareth Kloet, stated, the Press Association noted

"Our research has shown that the satnav is not always the blessing it was once hailed to be and, increasingly, motorists appear to be citing the device as a source of frustration and danger," Kloet added.